A great party by Father for the Son’s Failure in India

A great party by Father for the Son’s Failure in Bhopal India. In failing to examine the mathematical examination of a boy in India, his father did not celebrate the celebration ceremony in honor of son. IN Madhya Pradesh man bowl party for son after he was unsuccessful in Class 10 Board exams!

According to the Indian media, this unique function was conducted by a civil contractor in Bhopal for his son, whose aim was to encourage him instead of cursing him when he was a son.

The fireworks were fired at the ceremony and the guests were given the sweets.

Civil contractor said that he is doing everything he is doing for his son’s best future, because parents usually scold children at the examination failure and inspire them to get heart-catcher and tortured as a suicide attack.

Are forced The boy’s father further said that this event is a positive message for all the children and parents that filling in the board exam will not end life, but once again the failure can be tried again.

That not ever move may appear as odd to many, however in the event that you focus on the father’s thought process behind it, you can’t quit acknowledging soul. Consistently, after the aftereffects of board examinations are out, numerous youthful understudies wind up their life frightened of confronting their folks on scoring low stamps.

On the off chance that each parent begin thinking the way Surendra did, there will be a huge decrease in the quantity of suicides around this time each year.On this occasion, Son promised to encourage his father to work hard next year and pass the examination with good numbers.

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