Maaz khan, brother of Aiman and Minal Khan Recent Baat paki Pictures

Aiman Khan and Minal Khan are two famous  Pakistani celebrities who get fame at an early age. Aiman and Minal have a lot of fans who wants to know about them and their family. Everyone sees their dramas with joy and love. They both were loved by the fans. They have got married and nowadays, the actresses are enjoying family time. They both also much love to their family. The actresses keep on updating their fans about their families. A few days ago their cousin got married and they shared pictures from the wedding event of their cousin.

Aiman and minal’s Brother Maaz khan baat pakki pictures

.Recently, Minal Khan and Aiman Khan’s brother Maaz Khan has been engaged in a family function. His BAAT Pakki event has happened in a gathering of the family ceremony. All members of their families were gathered at the beautiful event. This event was celebrated simply among the two families  Both the bride and groom were looking so happy together. There are given below beautiful pictures of maaz khan the brother of Aiman and Minal Khan. Have a look at the pictures.

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Usman Sarwar