All times best Horror Games to Play

The best horror games on PC
The best horror games on PC You must Play

Check out our list of the best horror games of all generations! Since video games exist, developers are eager to realize their most terrifying ideas. Whether the atmosphere, the scenario, the staging or the characters, everything is good to put a cold on our backs. Here is our list of the best horror games as well as the best freepc-games 2018!

  • Amnesia The Dark Descent:

Developed by Frictional Games, Amnesia immerses you in the control of Daniel who has just woken up inside a castle not so deserted as that … Having lost his memory, he must find his notes and kill the owner of the castle, Alexander!

  • Dead Space:

Claustrophobic abstain! Dead Space will make you survey the cabin of a ship in space. Infested with aliens who can infect humans, you will have to find the way out thanks to Isaac Clarke, the hero of the game.

  • FEAR:

Horror game in the first person, the FEAR is an elite unit to intervene to rid the scene of the monsters that infect it. Playing on surprise and gloom, FEAR will ask you nerves of steel. You will never see children again the same way once finished…

  • Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly:

While the barrage they used to play is about to give way, Mio and Mayu are lost in the nearby forest in heavy rain. It does not take long to fall on a village but its inhabitants are far from being hospitable … A classic Japanese horror game that continues today to be a reference!

  • Five Night at Freddy’s:

Series of point and click independent games, FNAF includes 6 main episodes. Difficult to describe, FNAF offers players to monitor animatronics and will ask you as much thought as cold blood. Very disturbing, the game has been a great success and must be adapted to the cinema!

  • PT:

If you thought that Death Stranding is the most twisted of Hideo Kojima’s works, go try PT Demo supposed to promote the next Silent Hill, PT was produced in collaboration with Guillermo Del Toro. In this eight closed, you will solve puzzles and unravel the mysteries of this house that makes you go round in circles.

  • Resident Evil 2:

If you have not touched any game on this list, Resident Evil 2 is a must-have. Pillar of the horror video game, RE2 has laid many foundations on the construction of the genre. His announced remake makes impatient fans of the series.

  • Silent Hill 2:

After the death of his wife Mary, James Sunderland receives a letter from him three years later. The latter asks her to return to Silent Hill, a city full of memories and mysteries … This classic Konami is in the same way as Resident Evil 2, a masterpiece of its kind!

  • Soma:

“In space, no one hears you scream” this hook of the film Alien is very good for Soma, but under water! While a radio failure is touching the PATHOS-2 research center, mysterious events are occurring, affecting even more the morale of your crew…

  • Until Dawn:

Eight friends in the middle of the mountain in a small house isolated from everything. You already see the painting? Add a crazy masked killer of hemoglobin and you’ll have all the clichés of a B-series horror movie. At a detail though, Until Dawn will push the vice much farther and ask you for many choices that will all have consequences.