American Express has been married to your smartphone

Los Angeles:  Many people are so in love with some things that they do not afford to be without him and they are loved more than life, but a person in the United States limits of love from your mobile phone and understand beloved rcaly from the smartphone.

American artist Aaron sruynk the last weeks of their Las Vegas from Los Angeles and rcaly marry your beloved smartphone. They married in a small church where the phone was clothed regular ring. The artist said that the mobile phone is always around us and our It is closely linked, so that it stays with us at night, my smartphone this sense are my best friend and that’s why I called decided to get married.

Aaron was in the wedding dress and the groom arrived in a function call in a violet kydlk car where they put the wedding ring on the smartphone and confess. Aaron’s not even legal status of marriage smartphone but I want to prove that this phone are so important in our daily life.

It observed that anti kyprsky digital security company after a survey revealed that 25 percent of smartphone users azyzrkhty than their parents and are awakened at the first call in the morning.