An Unbelievable Woman Who Laughs when Tickling Others

There is a woman in California that laughs unbelievable when tickling unbelievable to others.  In  general, if someone gets dressed, it’s normal to laugh, but in san diego there is a woman who laughs at someone else’s eyes and laughs at times and gets her out of control. Is ? Why a Woman Does Tickling Make You Laugh

On this lady, researchers of university of california san diego are researching a unique event of her nature. The name of this lady is being told only for a number of reasons, and whenever you look for someone or someone else when they look for someone or someone else, they get sensitivity and they start laughing.

After this situation the woman contacted the specialists and found out after several tests that she was suffering from a special type of ‘mirror touch snastistia.’ some neurons of their mind behave in the same way as the mirror effect when they see a scene.

Scientists of the university of san diego spent many important tests on women in which they were shown videos, somebody put them in cold water, or someone else embraced others. It is found that women are apparently moderate, but neurons of their mind behave in the same manner as an idol that someone is digging them.

This lady said that if someone handles velvet, soft brush or silk in front of them, they feel like this, as if they feel moisture on their hands, if someone puts them in ice water, there is no feeling of cooling.

According to psychologists, it is a rare quality and around 2.5 percent of the world suffer from it.


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