AnAa Attiring Passio Party Wear Dresses For Women

AnAa Attiring Passio Party Wear Dresses 2013 For Women & Girls (8)

AnAa Attiring Passion has recently launched latest Party Wear Dresses For Women and girls. New designs Collection win great gratitude and Attiring passion Outfits Collection Women hopeful answer. Its accumulating furthermore consist of different designs and colors but mostly utilized sindhi whit & some picture of this assembly, For more under on this sheet go down and take a gaze at the accumulating of latest trend and brand. AnAa Attiring passion is taking new application in the latest trend market of Pakistan.

Anaa Jummani ( Anum Waheed ) is the founder of clothing emblem attiring Passion . It was founded in 2012. Anaa Jummani is graduated from the Asian Institute of latest trend conceive Iqra University (IU)is the best fashion conceiving institute in our homeland. Passion is fundamentally attiring owners of Sindh , Pakistan and she illustrates her love through this Collection Sindh.

Anaa has commenced some fashion collections and get a good market response fashion. lately, she has revealed its newest  party dresses for women by attiring Passion. The entire Collection is motivated by custom and Sindhi heritage.

Sindhi embroidery tendency can glimpse, Sindhi Ajrak publishing, Sindhi style necklines in each top in this collection. These cultural dresses are apt for party wear formal event. Passion devotes generously attiring concepts of their dresses and boasts the best quality fabrics. All women as customary and heritage dresses, that’s so mixed Jummani Anaa cultural and customary feel in your Collection. These devices are available in attiring outlets / stores Passion. Now glimpse the images of AnAa Attiring Passio Party Wear Dresses For Women…

AnAa Attiring Passio Party Wear Dresses For Women