Ayeza Khan Profile and Biography Latest Update

Ayeza Khan Profile and Biography Latest Update

Profile: Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan) Pakistani Actor


Name: Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan)

Born in: Jan 15, 1991

Education: Newports Institute of communications and Economics

Parents: Riza (Reza) / Yalmas (Yilmaz)

Siblings: Wasif Khan, Hiba Khan (Heba Khan), Arham Khan

Nominations: Lux Style Award For Satellite Best TV Actress

Television Dramas Worked: Tun Jo Miley (Melay), Scandal, Pul Sirat, larkiyan Mohallay (Muhallay) ki, Tootay Huwey Per, Maaye Ni, Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain, Zard Mausam (Mousam), Mera Saaein 2, Aks, Kahi Un Kahi, Adhoori (Adhuri) Aurat (Owrat), Pyarey Afzal, Do Qadam Door Thay, Mere Meherbaan and Bikhra Mera Naseeb

Work: Actress, Model

Status: Married

Age: 23 Years Old

Husband: Danish Taimoor

Songs: 3 Video Songs

Commercials Worked In:  Telenor djuice ad, Nido Fortified Milk, olper Cream Add, Snack city Crunch, Peek Freans Click, Fair & Lovely Ad, Warid Add With Reema Habib, Pure Cooking Oil Commercial with Soniya Hussain, Pearl Dust tea ( Pakistan Sindhi commercial), Naxera Clove Toothpaste, Maza Juice Ad, Telenor TalkShawk Ad, Aerosoft Ad, E4U Home Appliance Commercial, Shell Helix Ad, Faysal Bank, Umang Commercial, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Signature Campaign, Telenor TalkShawk and Nestle Everyday Song.

Ayeza Khan Profile and Biography Latest Update

Ayeza Khan Biography Updated


Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan) was born in Karachi On Sep 15, 1991 in Pakistan. Her Real Name was Kinza Khan (Kenza Khan) but she changed her name to Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan)… when she was in the age of 16 she started her career as a Model In Pakistan. She is also the best and famous actor as in dramas and movies and also in commercial ads in Pakistan. Because of her beautiful skin color gorgeous looks and beautiful body makes her on of a kind actress in Pakistan. She went to the industry in 2008.



Showbiz Career Of Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan)


Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan) Entered in the Showbiz Career when she was at the age of 16 years. Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan) had also participated in the Beauty contest and also ended as Winner. Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan) had Also modeled in many Magazines of Pakistan. The first Drama Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan) was selected was Tootay Huway Per (Tutay Huwy Par) in 2009 on the best channel Pakistan at HUM-TV. Some of the other successful Dramas of Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan) are Kitni Girhain Baqi Hain, Kala Jadoo, Pulsirat, Zard Mausam, Mera Saaein 2 and Aks. Now she is the best face of 19 Multi-National Industries.

Ayeza Khan Profile and Biography Latest Update


Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan) also played opposite the Faysak Qureshi, Sami Khan and Mohib Mirza etc. Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan) had done at-least 21 dramas, 18 tele-films and 3 video songs in Pakistan Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan) is the best. Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan) is also the best face of 5 lawn Collections in Pakistan. Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan) is the best Actor, Singer and Model of Pakistan. In Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan) drama Mi Raqsaam (Mi Raqsam) that was telecasted on Geo TV, Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan) had worked all episodes without doing makeup and anything because the director wanted her to do this drama without any artificial support but with all the expression Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan) can do.

Ayeza Khan Profile and Biography Latest Update


In Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan)’s best drama Kahi UN Kahi Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan)’s sister Haiba Khan (Hiba Khan) and Brother Arhaam Khan (Arham Khan) wear also casted in This drama. Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan) is very happy to say that she was welcomed very nicely and respectfully to the industry  and she was very happy for this conversation About the industry.


Interview of Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan)

Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan) said that she was open heartily and warmly welcomed in the industry. Also Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan)’s family also fully supported that why she is the best shining star of the industry and Pakistan specially her mother was always by her side she always said her to do what her heart wants and fully supported her career of the industry. The first time Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan) knew that she will be working with the Pakistan’s famous and well known Super stars and directors Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan) was a little shy and nervous about the feeling  of working with the superstars.

She was nervous about how I will work with the famous and well known celebrities Sania Saeed and Saba Hameed the was worried a little. Her favorite celebrity and inspirations was Fahad Mustafa, Mohib Mirza and Sami Khan because these all are the best in acting and performance. The weird thing was that Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan) said that she hates one thing in the industry that is the girls of the industry smokes a lot that is the weirdest thing that should be in the industry like this.

Ayeza Khan Profile and Biography Latest Update

Wedding Ceremony Occasion


Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan) was married to Danish Taimoor in the month of Aug, 2014. She left the showbiz when she married to Danish Taimoor she was a shining star of the showbiz when she left she was nothing. This wedding ceremony of Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan) was the best wedding in Pakistan I suggest many of the famous actors directors came in her wedding.


Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan) Baby’s Bio


Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan) with her cute baby doll looks lovely and cute and blessed by Allah Pak in 14 Jul, 2015. She looked very excited and very lovely when she was holding the baby in her soft mother hands. The baby was also looking very gorgeous when her mother picks her up in her hands so soft her hands were.  Aiza Khan (Ayeza Khan) was very excited that she uploaded her baby’s pics to face-book. She was looking at her baby never looked anyone else like that she was very happy and very cute looking that day……………….


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