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Ayyan  Ali is the very famous model in the world of fashion and style


She has the nationality of Pakistan unless she was born in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 30 July, 1993. Her height is 1.76 M so you can imagine due to her height and age that she is so innocent and immature girl so she can break any kind of law.

In very little age she has become very famous all over the world because she is very beautiful fairy face girls. She is little age smart and beautiful girl in the world of fashion because she the Lux style award 2010 for the best emerging talent and the award 2011 for best female model the Lux Style Award of the year 2012 2013 as a model of the year so you can easily imagine that shat has a great talent and intelligence which prominent her to the other model girls.

Recently she is put into the into the illegal case of money laundering she is well known lux style awarded fashion model  in Pakistan but she still she is immature girl that is why she can be force to comet any kind of crime.

Now these days she has also become more famous all over the world because the breaking of law. she has been involved in money laundering case in Pakistan anybody still did not know who is in her back who forced her to comet this kind of crime but it is true that she has break the law consciously or unconsciously so she has to be punished after proceeding the case.

She has get good fame in all the years in her life because she was lucky fashion model who get lux award of the year and also the beautiful female lux award but her luck proved bad in the year 2015.

In money laundering case judicial remand of supermodel Ayyan Ali has been extended till 6 Jul 2015.Remember that Ayyan Ali was taken in armored car to Rawalpindi’s customs court for hearing. Rana Aftab extend the money laundering case hearing for two weeks and the court directed the lawyers for argument regarding the indictment of Ayyan Ali money laundering case in next hearing.

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