Top Ten Most Beautiful Italian Girls

The list of Top Ten Most Beautiful Italian Girls who are very cute, lovely, handsome and popular, famous and renowned celebrities among the Italian people as well as across the world. They have played very outstanding and excellent roles in various television series and films by showing abilities, skills, and capabilities in the field of acting as well as modeling. 

Top 10 Most Beautiful Italian Girls


Federica Ridolfi

Federica Ridolfi is a very renowned and admired Italian dancer and television hostess who was born on 02nd March 1974 in Rome. She appeared in numerous television shows in Italy. She is a daughter of an actor Gianni Ridolfi and got married to soccer player Giuliano Giannichedda. She is one of the Top Ten  Most Beautiful Italian Girls.


Melissa Satta

Melissa Satta is a very well-liked and incredible Italian television presenter who was born on 07th February 1986 in Boston, Massachusetts, the U.S. She has been acknowledged as a showgirl in the Italian satirical series Striscia la Notizia. She has come into view in Maxim magazine and was featured in the 2010 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.


Elisabetta Canalis

Elisabetta Canalis is a very popular and dazzling Italian actress and showgirl who was born on 12th September 1978 in Sassari, Italy. She was a dancer on the Canale 5 TV show Striscia La Notizia from 1999 to 2002. She has hosted many television shows and also performed in several series as well as films. She was appointed Goodwill Ambassador UNICEF Italy in 2015. She is one of the Top Ten Most Beautiful Italian Girls


Elena Santarelli

Elena Santarelli is a very famous and gorgeous Italian model, television personality, and actress who was born on 18 August 1981. She started her career as a model and played various roles in television series and films. She made her television debut as an assistant of Amadeus in the Rai. She has also hosted several programs including Total Request Live on MTV.


Cristina Chiabotto

Cristina Chiabotto is a very nice-looking and handsome Italian TV presenter, model, and showgirl, who was born on 15th September 1986 at Moncalieri in the province of Turin. She has performed as a TV presenter for Juventus Channel. She has won the title of Miss Italia in 2004.


Claudia Romani

Claudia Romani is a very pretty and good-looking Italian actress and model who was born on 14th April 1982 at L’Aquila, Italy. She has come into view on covers such as GQ and Maxim. She was voted one of the s.xy women in the world by FHM Denmark 2006. She is based in Miami, Florida.


Giusy Buscemi

Giusy Buscemi is a very cute and attractive Italian actress who was born on 13th April 1993 at Mazara Del Vallo. She has won the title of Miss Wella Professionals and she has also received the honorific one “The Eyes of Enzo” created by Patrizia Mirigliani. She won the national competition “The Girl for the Cinema. She is one of the Top Ten Most Beautiful Italian Girls.

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