Bollywood Actor Veena Malik Wants To Get Religious Education


As we know that Veena Malik just manage to maker her visit to Pakistan and now she complete this statement that she will be receiving a spiritual teaching. Just few days back, she had a get-together with Mufti Naeem along with her husband. In that assembly, she spoken this wish of her that now she wants to get a religious education from the organization of Mufti Naeem. In that conference, Mufti also offered Veena some religious and Islamic gifts. While talking to the medium, Veena told them that she forever felt amazing absent in her. She had this thought in her mind all the time that something is not at all right. As we know that Veena has done Umrah and Hajj in her life, she told the media that she prayed Allah to guide her all the time. That is why she has determined to get her religious education from Jamia Binoria.



Veena also spoken and put onward this wish that she required both of her children to be Hafize Quran too. When media asked this problem from her that how her life has changed a lot then she told the media that it was Moulana Tariq Jameel and also Junaid Jamshed, it was too Mufti Naeem who actually helped her a lot to get back to this religious life. While chatting to the media, she become very much moving. She got sad and emotional when she remember her preceding and now she is quite happy to be in her here life.

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