BONANZA is very successful Garment Company in Pakistan and other European countries like Austria, Belgium, and France United Kingdom Etc. BONANZA set being in 1976 and started its career with the small number of individual. It stands and Organized all over the world in within days.

BONANZA Collect the high quality cloth and stitches these according to the new style and fashion. After the Pakistan freedom people was not used the ready made suits to wear because at this time there was no trend of garments but now a Days people mostly likes to purchase ready made suits. One cause is the ready made suits are low cost secondly they are stitched with expert tailors and available in every size of your body and thirdly the people don’t waste their time to go to the tailors. UN experienced tailors damages their suits and the individual looks odd when he wear unfit suit.

The Holy month of Ramadan is going on. Mostly people Fasting and busy in theirs worship to Allah for kind and blessing so they don’t have time to put himself into the procedure of purchasing UN stitched cloth and the go to tailor and wait for stitching. Due the Eid ul Fiter 2015 Rush the tailors have a large stock to Stitch the sloth their Stitching price is also high due to the Eid ul fitr rush so the peoples feels the need of purchasing and wearing the stitched dresses.

The upper classes families are mostly likes to wear the ready made suits. The rich people don’t compromise in wearing high class high stander dresses because of his good look personality.

BONANZA is well known all over the Pakistan due to its stander. They provide the standard stitched suits, shirts, ladies dresses, and many more. It provides the garments according to the current festival like Eid ul fitr after the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Recently they introduced the new suit for gentleman to wear on the Islamic Festival of Eid ul fiter 2015.Its available in 100% cotton, regular and smart fits. It has many colors like Blue, Rust, Brown, Green and many others.

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