Breastfeeding and attention can make intelligent and successful children, research

Toronto  study found that infants of parents’ attention at least 6 months of breastfeeding can make them intelligent and successful in the future.

‘Mother’s lap, is the first training of the child,’ ‘the truth of that old motto recent study by experts from Pakistan and South Africa has proved once again. Aga Khan University Dr Aisha was a study based in Pakistani villages, 1,302 poor children under the Taliban, which found that if mothers focus on them until 4 years old when my 2-year-old children older these children may prove more successful. Children of mothers participating in the study have been trained to observe children at play and how to communicate, and how these different movements how to react. Benefit from better communication with parents and children that acquire the children reach the age of 4 years (learning ability), intelligence, social role, clearly better attention, memory, features like flexibility, control and temperament yourself occurred. The parents know that they are also more effective in terms of taking care of children and their training. The results of this study, “The Global Health lynst ‘ online have been published.

In another study, which was done by the University of Glasgow to South African children, because they know that if mothers are more obedient, sensible and intelligent to drink milk until 6 months of their newborn children. The results of this study online journal, Public Library of Science Medicine ” (PLoS Medicine) a few days ago published are. Moral and religious point of view in these studies may not be new, but once again it is proved that the religious moral teachings, are also very useful for us ourselves.

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