A Cactus Moving To the Desert By Cutting Branches On Themselves

In Mexico, there is a Cactus Moving To the Desert By Cutting Branches On Themselves. A commonly used cactus of cactus in Northwest Mexico’s desert is called a ‘creeping duel’ devil because it is the only cactus plant moving forward in the desert.

A stranfe Propagate Cactus and Succulent Cuttings

On one side it clips itself, on the other side, its branches are separated from the plant and move forward. The sculptor is the scientific name of Devil Cactus ‘Stenosaurus Aroka‘.

This unusual cactus is found in Mexico City State (Baja), California. All the cactus in the world grow vertically from the ground, while it grows in the way that it appears to be lying and some part of it is raised up. On one hand, it keeps itself alive and on the other hand, it keeps moving in the desert.

In California, this cactus grows up to two feet a year, and sometimes their numbers increase so that they appear cactus everywhere.

Another specialty is that they separate from the main tree, and their population continues to grow.

But despite all these things the crocodile cactus is falling very fast and its survival is facing difficulties. That is why the risk is being spent on its survival and is being sold at Rs 4 to 5 lakhs including one planting plant.


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