Comments Anushka Sharma became expensive on the Salman Khan


Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma to comment on the statements of his co-star Salman Khan  has bought their anger

Bollywood actor Salman Khan and actress Anushka Sharma film ‘Sultan’ When was appreciated by the audience proved act together Salman Khan India on the role of the hero in the film, which relates to the the uproar was expensive but clung to comment on the last days of slow Anushka husband.

Salman Khan, refused to apologize to the victims of the infected woman

Anushka Sharma, Salman Khan, said the abuse of the victim, I did not expect I have a statement I have heard about this statement I do not believe that Salman media reports . He said that Salman does not know a more about the sorry state that it is only when their professional relationship to the final. The distance from Salman Khan aktyarkrly Anushka Anushka statement expressing terrible. Bollywood superstar events are also worried Anushka which started ignoring fellow actress, according to media reports.

abused girl filed a compensation of Rs 10 crore to Salman

The Salman asked during an interview Khan was ‘Sultan‘ in What was it like working with the wrestlers of them said that their condition rape skaraurt while working on the film because the movie was like they were krptk picking up more than 10 wrestlers from different angles aurhrphluan weighed more than 100 kg.

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