What is the Difference between Windows 7 and Window 8?

What is the difference between Windows and Window?

You may know What are the differences between Windows 7 and Windows 8?

When it comes to talking about the operating systems, then everybody knows that there are various versions of Windows, and windows 7and 8 are a couple of ones from them. This is post is all about the difference between windows 7 and windows 8. You may also differ between as well to learn more such technology-related things, especially the difference between all of them.

Difference between Windows 7 and 8

As already mentioned above that there have been a lot of different versions of the Windows operating system, but since the Windows 95 version, all have been similar and although the resolution quality and some functions such as transparency and color customization have been changing, Windows 98, 2000, Millennium Edition, XP, Vista and 7, have all been very similar and now we make the comparison between the one that marked a complete change of appearance for the operating system and a new era for the company.

  • The start menu disappeared

This is probably the most drastic and colorful change of the Windows 8 change since when turning on our computer we no longer see the desktop, but directly a screen with a base color background and all the applications arranged in squares or rectangles of different sizes and colors with a minimalist style; Too many, it seems more complicated due to the fact that not all applications are shown by just pressing the start button or hovering the mouse over the old legend of “all programs”, but you have to click in the lower-left corner to do it .

  • The shutdown is no longer so intuitive

Before turning off your computer was as simple as pressing the start button and then turn off, but now, if you have a computer with a touch screen you have to slide the screen from the right to the left on the right edge and if not, pose your mouse on the bottom right corner to show a panel of options in which is the turnoff.

There are many more changes, the application store in which you can download applications as if it were a smartphone your computer installs them; the start time is now much lower than before, there are gestures for specific actions on the touch screens and many other things. Now I’m sure after reading, you people will have a better idea about these both windows and you will never ask someone about the difference between both of them.

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