Different Types of Wedding Rings

I think it would be quite convenient in the first place, to define in a general way what wedding rings are before describing the different types most common in the jewelry market of these.Different Types of Wedding Rings

What are wedding rings?

Thus, we could say that wedding rings are a special type of jewel represented generally in the form of rings, coined mostly by a type of metal or alloy of various metals and that have a substantial symbolic representation in the materialization of marriage.

The choice of wedding rings

On the other hand, choosing a type of wedding ring is not always an easy task for couples so most of the time they go online to buy rings.

It is evident that today there are many varieties of these that are no longer limited to the type of metal or metal to be minted.

Really, other elements converge in a significant way when it comes to obtaining the ideal or dreamed design of these representative jewels.

In this way, other important variables in the design of a wedding alliance are: dimensions, gems, engravings and even the measurement in carats in correspondence to the metal or metal alloy to give support to the rest of the alliance.

Variables to take into account for the election of the perfect alliance

Now, before concluding with the descriptive exposition of the different types of wedding alliances, I think it would be useful to stop to take a look at the aforementioned variables that affect the materialization of an alliance.

As a result, I will present to you by way of description such variables to take into account in the idealization or choice of your perfect alliances:

Types of metals:

Usually, wedding rings are made of metals or alloys of various types of metals, such as gold in its different types: yellow gold, platinum, and, of course, white gold wedding rings. It is indisputable that opting for alloying less expensive metals in the market is a good idea to save a little.

Dimensions of wedding rings:

It is very important to be clear before sending to design or buy an alliance, the correct size in correspondence to the finger that will support the alliance. To determine the dimensions, you could consult experts in a jewelry store or, to do it in a more empirical way.

Gems or precious stones:

The choice of one or several precious stones to give a special design to your alliances is a fact with a lot of versatility. The issue of costs, according to the market, can be a limitation. But, there is nothing to worry about, because even choosing even a basic type of gem; your ring could look great. The use of precious stones can make a great variety between different wedding rings and their prices. So, learn to correctly combine all the factors and you can have your perfect alliance.


Recorded in the alliance:

This detail is as important as the rest of the elements that converge when designing or buying jewelry in alliances. Well, a special engraving gives an important touch and, above all, is significant to that gem that will set the tone for the rest of your life. Generally, couples choose as engraved some date, word, or certain symbols that have special meaning among them.

Types of wedding rings

Finally, if you have already been completely clear about the characteristics already explained in the previous paragraphs, now, let’s break down some types of wedding rings. As a result, we will establish the different types of alliances with attention to two basic groups: classic alliances and less conventional or modern alliances.

Classic alliances:

These more traditional alliances can be equally elegant and showy no matter how simple they look. Some examples:

  • Alliances in white or yellow gold with a single type of gem.
  • Alliances in an alloy of two or more metals with a type of gem and engraving.
  • Partnerships in a combination with previous cases.
  • classic wedding rings

Original wedding rings:

These types of rings exhibit more sophisticated designs since they combine many variables that give more complex touches. Well, these alliances can become very personalized given their originality or exclusivity. This does not mean that they are more expensive, we can find cheap wedding bands with a great designs.

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