Sadaf Malaterre Ghaghra Choli by Saima Azhar

Saima Azhar has recently commenced newest Sadaf Malaterre newest Ghaghra Choli new collection for women. Sadaf Malaterre is to boho chic in Pakistan what Sienna Miller is to bohemian ethos in London.

Having long guided clear of bridals despite their commercial viability, choice rather than to make the funniest dresses in Pakistan’s latest trend view, Sadaf Malaterre is now in the ‘Big B’ game which is massive in the sub-continent and huge here at home – it’s a intelligent move on her part.

Fortunately, her bridals are as niche as her dresses and the butterflies stay a constant – be it on a dreamy creamy raging torrent night fantasy or a blazingly colored ghagra choli that would have sensed right at dwelling on the set of Ram Leela or a sari that’s quite epic in its detailing but not in the way you’d expect.

But then afresh, Sadaf Malaterre is all about surprises and the up to date Pakistani women – if you want typical, the traditional bridal couturier would be more your view. Now glimpse the pictures of Sadaf Malaterre Latest Ghaghra Choli collection by Saima Azhar Model Pictures

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