Glass film personalities Expressed Regret killing Baloch

 Movie and TV belonging to prominent figures have called on the necessary measures to combat honor killings, expressing regret over the killing of Baloch glass

Speaking on the Oscar-winning film about the murder of honor filmmaker Obaid Obaid Chinoy Express News, said he was very sorry for the killing of Baloch glass.It is not safe any woman in the country, killing a woman in our society it is easier, if the house is not safe where he shall be for a woman, it’s millions in this solution in the country. the number of women are on the streets. He said that the draft law pending in Parliament to prevent honor killings, which should be passed as soon as possible. Glass film personalities Expressed Regret killing Baloch

killing in the name of honor by the glass Baloch brothers

Actress Michigan Khan Baloch said that the flames killed pathetic, not for any individual act of a person that would kill him but the actor mangtyhyn security when they are not taken seriously.

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