His friend Salman’s statement also came in Lulea uyntr

Mumbai:  Bollywood star Salman Khan’s close friend and model girlfriend Lulea uyntr Romania was advising caution overnight stay at the slower man.

Bollywood Salman Khan describing the affected women, these days, do lend seeking organizations sorry for women’s rights in India tukhyn bitterly criticized the actor by his fellow actors but there slumyan girlfriend Lulea uyntrny break the silence.


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Salman Khan‘s’ abuse affected her, related that while their girlfriends fryndlulyauyntr the field and they gave the first speech decoding slow Minister advise that they must be careful using any theme discuss why the public Salman has all the personality and the work of his NGO ‘being Human’ such errors will destroy them.


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The Salman asked during an interview Khan was ‘Sultan‘ in What was it like working with the wrestlers of them said that their condition rape skaraurt while working on the film because the movie was like they were krptk picking up more than 10 wrestlers from different angles aurhrphluan weighed more than 100 kg.