I Give Wise Sandalwood: Sandalwood a Few Time-Tested Masks

Bradh sandalwood is a happy stinking yellow wood, which is very helpful in skin care and fascination. It is also called by the name of sandalwood. Featuring fragrant sandalwood is that it keeps the atmosphere too late to the breath.Evaluate the importance of sandalwood that can be applied to even get a mention in poetry and song. I Give Wise Sandalwood Sandalwood a Few Time-Tested Masks (6)

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Many women use decorative products, such as facial, oil and add the cream, etc., can be made more efficient. Here are some home recipes of sandalwood mask, which is useful not only for skin care, but will also face increasing fascination. If you have any allergies facial skin, take the mask on the back of the hand before applying the mask, if you do not use any harmful effect easily.

I Give Wise Sandalwood Sandalwood a Few Time-Tested Masks

Arq Rose and sandalwood

is very simple home mask, take two teaspoons of sandalwood powder in a bowl, then mix it rose to become thick liquid, are not in the Stone. Now apply the mask on clean face and neck and wash with cold water after 20 minutes. Face blossoms like roses.


*ju, Sandalwood

they put two teaspoons of sandalwood blend of sawdust, leaves and water spoon of porridge, a rose in a blender. Milk clean face before applying the mask, apply rose water on her face and began to cry then, when dry, then apply the mixture to thicken the mask covering the face, until the mask dries. Then wash the face with cold water. This makes the skin healthy and glowing.

*hldy Mask of sandalwood

in a glass bowl, put bradh two teaspoons of sandalwood, turmeric Mix one tablespoon later. I got three teaspoons of honey after two extensions. When all three components are a soul, I shall leave this mask on her face and thought for 20 to 25 minutes and then wash.

I Give Wise Sandalwood Sandalwood a Few Time-Tested Masks

*dud, Sandalwood mask

massage hands lightly on the face mix sandalwood raw milk and then dried, after fifteen minutes, then wash away. This mask is very useful for early summer.Especially significant help to clean dry face from the sun.

*syb, Sandalwood mask

find a tablespoon of apple pulp and peel off more than it rose in the bradh shake spoon of sandalwood. Then put spread on the face, face wash after 20 minutes.This mask is dead and beautiful elixir for the skin.

I Give Wise Sandalwood Sandalwood a Few Time-Tested Masks

*mltany Mud and sandalwood

make, one tablespoon Multani mud and lemon juice and rose water mixture and mix it with sawdust, a cup of sandalwood, apply with fingers on the face mask, the well dried up from be, then wash away. This mask reduces the effects of aging on the skin and keeps the skin from the falling lines and wrinkles.

*khyry, Sandalwood mask

is spread over two spoons Apply thick face mask of sandalwood powder mixed in cucumber juice, fresh 20 minutes after wash, this mask facial skin.

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