I wanted to kill John Ranbir Singh, Salman Khan

Bollywood star Salman Khan’s Dabangg said their dangerous intentions of rnuyrsngh heart wants to kill her

On Ranbir Singh Salman Khan’s film ‘Sultan‘, France seen in local cinemas in Paris and the film made them start dancing so much that the songs of the film to the cinema screen while movie songs dance video became viral on social media that was much like the fans but not to dance a slow husband Ranvir film bhaya eye Sultan songs.

Salman Khan and Ranbir Singh fell to a shine with ‘Dhoom 4

The Salman Khan press conference in Mumbai said on the question of Ranvir Singh, a dance that I want to take the life of the chair marker on his head because he did not see the movie, but it is showing his dancing I was sitting in the cinema Removing the film.

film ‘Sultan’ ‘the story of the actor and the case against car theft