Immoral video actress Ali Shah’s parents drove home to viral

New Delhi:  India’s celebrity model and actress girlfriend’s mother and brother Ali Shah on Wednesday mjburhyn evicted from home after viral video, social media prgyraklaqy when the model girlfriend Delhi roads lead prrat.

Glamour is a significant popular dnyanujuanun and the desire of every young boy and girl who try their luck in the world, but so many people burst would end before starting his career and is so much in life difficulties the eyes give away his blood relations are the same film with the actress Ali Shah to enter the city.

Actress Ali Shah Khan said that social media friends prgyraklaqy video tuman share the report and take my brother to the police station kyryyrdaw which is expelled from the house. He said that after being evicted from the house I live in the streets of Delhi, home life temples are causing the kuktrh could pose.

The actress Ali Shah who had played important roles in many ads and prominent Bollywood film companies ‘My Husband Wife

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