Indian Film Festival Conspiracy, Artist


Actor Mustafa Qureshi to stimulate said Pakistani films is that here in our country have become very good, quality films this year is being exhibited three Pakistani Urdu film festival but again the film exposure and is trying to undermine the Pakistani films, a right Ghulam Mohiuddin says Pakistani film to see the films made in our country displaying movie in Pakistani film festival decided to correct This is a conspiracy against Pakistani films. Indian Film Festival Conspiracy, Artist

Indian Film Festival Conspiracy, Artist

Do not actor Saud said that theater owners that they exhibit the film, for our film is very good and excellent and Pakistani film Pakistani movie to see, film director Saeed Rizvi said Eid 3 Pakistani after the film has no reason to display any movie, this is tantamount to damaging the Pakistani films we should encourage our films, actors Sheikh has begun the Pakistani films no one can stop our progress film, so no one can stop our development exposure film.

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