Javeria Saud Daughter Jannat Saud 16 Birthday Party Pictures

Javeria Saud Daughter Jannat Birthday Party Images

Jannat Saud is the daughter of the famous Director and actress Javeria Saud. Javeria Saud is also a popular Pakistani actress, model, host, writer, and producer. Jannat’s father’s name is Saud. She belongs to a showbiz family.  Jannat Saud has a brother. She is 16 years old. She is similar to her mother. She is looking for an overweight and fatty girl. Now Jannat Saud turns 16 and Javeria Saud shares the pictures of Jannat Saud’s birthday party.

Javeria Saud is a famous actress in Pakistan. She’s been in lots of TV shows and movies. People really like watching her because she’s so talented. She is also known for being a really good mom to her kids.

How old is Javeria Saud daughter?

Her daughter’s name is Jannat Saud. Jannat is a young girl who is becoming popular because her mom is famous. Sometimes, you can see pictures of Jannat on social media or in the news with her mom. Jannat Saud is still quite young, and many people are interested in her age, what she’s doing, and if she’s going to follow in her mom’s footsteps.

Javeria’s age and her daughter Jannat’s age are often talked about because people are curious. People want to know how old Jannat is to see if she might start acting like her mom soon. Even though I can’t provide the exact age, it’s safe to say that Jannat is much younger than her mom, Javeria.

So, who is Javeria Saud’s daughter? She’s Jannat Saud, a young girl growing up in a family that’s often in the spotlight. You can sometimes find pictures of Jannat, known as “Jannat Saud pics,” on social media platforms where her mom also shares updates.

Even though Javeria and Jannat are from a famous family, they also do regular stuff like other moms and daughters. So, the next time you hear someone asking, “Who is Javeria Saud’s daughter?” or “How old is Javeria Saud’s daughter?”, now you’ll know!

Javeria Saud shares a few clicks from Jannat’s birthday party on her Instagram page. All the family members of Javeria Saud celebrated the birthday party. We can see in the pictures that Jannat Saud has reddened her hair color. Here we have all the beautiful pictures of little star Jannat Saud from her birthday party. Have a look at them below!

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