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Kubra Khan is a Famous, cute personality in Pakistan’s film, drama, and Fashion industry. She is a very talented actress. She gets fame in a very short time. She proved herself in the showbiz industry. She got popular in Pakistani dramas, film, and modeling. In Pakistan, there is a lot of talent in every field of life. There is no match with the talent of kubra khan in the whole Pakistani drama and film industry. Kubra khan has a killing smile. She is a heightened and good-looking person.

Early Life and study

Kubra Khan was born in London on September 9, 1993. She belongs to the richest family. She is also known by the name of Rabia Khan in her family and in the Pakistan showbiz industry. So, therefore we can see that she can speak English frequently. She gets her early education in London. She was interested in the fashion and showbiz industry So, she skipped her study after graduation. Due to the help of her parents and with the extra talent she got her aim.

 Career  And Pakistan Showbiz Industry

After graduation due to her interest in the showbiz industry, she did some work in commercials and fashion shows. Then she joins the Pakistani showbiz industry and appear in many dramas and movies. She worked in different movies which are ‘’ Na Maloom Afrad” Welcome to Karachi” She also worked in different drams like ”Khuda or Muhabat” ”Sinf e Aahan and” ”Sang e Mah”.

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