Latest Designed Watches only Rado Watches

Rado is the world famous watches company that makes variety of watches equal to world standard. Its watches are very famous around the world. Rado company begin to make watches in 1986. Then ironic Rado Ceramica was born in 1989. Rado company make many kids of watches well designed and fully coloured. There are many kinds of watches that are made in this company like water proof watches and simple watches. Rado has many dashing and good designs that are very famous all over the world.
In the beginning high tech ceramic was available only in black. But after this Rado company introduced coloured ceramic pieces in the Rado Collection in 1993. Rado was the first coloured watch to be made. After that Rado indroduced Rado Sintra Gold Pailllette. All the watches made by hand in the beginning and trying to make it perfect and high quality watch in the world.