Latest Embrioderd Neck and Back Designs 2021 for Ladies


Another one of the latest neck and back embroidered designed for shalwar kameez. Tie it up or get it stitched- experiment with neck designs to flaunt your neck and back. In fact, Natasha couture neck and back designs have many variations, the classic neck that is made popular by the Bollywood actresses, the ‘V’ halter neck that gives a shape of V to the straps around the neck. Neck-and-Back-Designs-for-Women-2013-latest-dress-collection-by-sonal-chuhan-1

Be innovative and use your neck and back border for the ‘V’ shape or you can even use sequinned trims, zari, or laces for the purpose. There are still others the crossed halter neck is also very attractive. Watch the picture gallery of Latest Embroidered Neck and Back Designs 2021 for Women to  forgive your cloths an attractive and beautiful look.

Latest Embroidered Neck and Back Designs 2021 for Women


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