Make Old Clothes New With Electric Fabric Shavers

Fabric Shaver is indeed small devices, hyper basic in their use, which make it possible to remove all the fluff of the desired garment. There are various models, more or less effective, more or less expensive. In principle, this is the kind of device that we do not use often over a year, but we may need each winter. We must therefore favor a solid and effective model to buy one, once and for all. Make Old Clothes New With Electric Fabric Shavers

Electric Fabric Shavers That Make Old Clothes like New

Electric fabric shaver is the easiest and most effective way to remove lint. Old clothes can now be like new! No doubt, you will find various brands, including Philips, which is essential when it comes to taking care of his dress. However Beautural brands,SUNMAY, FakeFace and Solac are almost unknown and still offer good devices.


  • Remove stuffed animals quickly and easily!
  • Not powered by battery. The engine has more power and you will not have to worry about running out of battery.
  • Works on almost all types of fabrics: curtains, linens, wool, shirts, sweaters, socks, etc.
  • Power: 4 watts

AC powered:

The most common problem with the battery-powered razor is its performance. It may not provide a consistent result due to low battery or other battery related issues.

It is powered by AC power and you are sure to be able to shave as much tissue as needed. No need to go out and buy batteries for this razor, just plug it into the nearest power source and use it as needed.

Large shaving head:

Plug in the appliance, turn it on and shave the fabric using only slight pressure in a circular motion. Its large shaving head facilitates the shaving of a large part of the fabric.

Works on different fabrics:

Wool, cotton, sweaters, curtains, blankets, bed sheets, sofa, you name it! It works on almost all types of tissues.

Compact and lightweight:

You can take it in your suitcase or in your travel bag or wherever you need it.

In general, the razor has several blades behind a rack (to avoid puncturing the clothes), an on / off button, a battery or batteries and a small pellet recovery tank. By methodically passing on dresses, we can give them a second youth.

I know that discovering this device for the first time, we say that it does not serve much. But look closely at the state of your sweaters and jackets, you will see that ultimately it’s far from stupid and it greatly improves your look.

Why buy Fabric Shavers?

It is almost inevitable to have pullovers with stuffed animals. It can even be found on hats or scarves. So much on the children’s clothes I drop (anyway in a few months they will have grown too much to continue to wear), as much on adult clothing, it is very unpleasant. Nobody wants to have to change sweaters, under the pretext that we like it too much, that we wear it too much and that it wears faster than the others. The fabric shaver really does not cost anything and can increase the life of clothing.