Mangoes, oranges and beef exports increase

 Islamabad:  hugyahy increase exports of mangoes, kynuaur beef Pakistan and Russia, Australia, South Korea, according to documents the increase in exports to Russia, which ended a ban on the import of potatoes, mango, Ministry of Commerce, murytys, the Libya, Lebanon, Japan ended after 13 years on Pakistan mango. After being banned for the improvement of quality control on India Mango Pakistan is filed through the 131 farms and 33 packing hawszky registration D PP, add the mango bramdmyn Japan.

Last year, five metric tons in 2014, while Japan’s exports mango mango exports were 81 metric tons in 2015. The total of 32 tonnes of mango exports increased 25% in mango exports. The 22 percent increase in meat exports, which makes the overall exports of $ 264 million. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, UAE and Egypt has approved the import of poultry meat after slaughter of 14 mats and three hawszky reviews. Mauritania is also open to import meat.

Surgical exports over the subsidiary Trade Development Authority of the Ministry of Commerce has sent a study mission to Japan in cooperation with JICA to review the market. The Tdap sent surgical instrument manufacturing associations in Uzbekistan. Russia has also removed restrictions on the import of potatoes, these will be exported to Russia in large quantities potatoes Pakistan.


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