New Mehndi Design 2015

New Mehndi Design 2015

There are many New Mehndi Design 2015 design for girl on this Eid ul fiter festival 2015. Eid ul fiter is the religious Islamic Festival for the Muslims. Every men and women celebrate Eid ul fiter according to the teaching of Islam. According to the teaching of Islam every one wear the new clothes at the day of Eid ul fiter because it is the Islamic tradition to wear the New clothes, New Shoew at the day of Eid. Everyone wants to looks different at the day of Eid ul fiter. The Muslim males gather at one place to offer prayer of Eid and the Females also gather to offer Eid prayer. They well prepared himself or herself before go to the gathering place.

Naturally the girls prepare her very well before offering Eid prayer. The girls make up to beautify her to look more beautiful and attractive. The girls also make the different pattern of Mehndi design on their Hands, Legs, Feet, and on their Arms. They use the different colors of Mehndi design to adorn her. Red color of Mehndi design is commonly used because it’s less cost and also looks beautiful in the shapes of flowers on their Hands, Arms, and Feet and on Legs.

The Male also use the Mehndi to make the different design to makes him beautiful. They use the paste of Mehndi at their Heads, Hands Palms and under their feet. The male don’t use to make the New Design at any part of their body because to doing it looks ugly.

The girls use the Mehndi to make the different New Design on their Hands back side, Hands palm, on their feet, on their Arms and on their Legs. The girls mostly select their Hands and Arms to draw the new flowers patterns with the paste of Mehndi.


Here are many New 2015 Mehndi designs for girls to make the new different and appreciated mehndi flowers designs which will give them the new and different looks among the other girls.

New Mehndi Design 2015 are so simple awesome and easy to make at their hands at home. The girl don’t need to go to the bazaar to vast her time. Only they need cone Mehndi which is easily available in the market and try with it to make the Mehndi Design 2015 at home.

To view the large size clear image of New Mehndi Design 2015 click on the Design it will become large so easy to observe and use the design at their home. To view the more Mehndi related article continue to surfing our website and stay in touch to view the new trendy Mehndi Designs 2015.