Beautiful Pictures of Nida Yasir 48th Birthday Party with Celebrities

Nida Yasir Birthday Party Vedio


The Birthday Party of Hostess and Actress Nida Yasir has been a Celebrated Birthday Party in Karachi. Many actresses and celebrities join the 48th Birthday of Nida Yasir and make her party Beautiful and joyful the party very well. Nida Yasir celebrated her Birthday party at her own Restaurant The Forest in Karachi. Many celebrities were invited to her birthday party.

Nida Yasir Birthday Party Picture

Javed Sheikh and Zhalay Sarhadi at Nida Yasir’s birthday celebrated in Karachi at The Forest restaurant of Nida Yasir. Imran Ashraf and Wasim Badami, Saba Hamid Rubina Ashraf, Ayeza Khan, Danish Taimoor, Dananeer with her Sister, Aymen Saleem with Arsalan Naseer were spotted at The Forest Restaurant of Nida Yasir in Karachi.

Nida Yasir wear a Pink sari at her Birthday party while Yashir Nawaz was dressed in black color. And other Fried join the party and celebrate with each other. You can see all the Birthday party Picture of Nida Yasir below

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