Pakistan likely Eid on the same day in Saudi Arabia

Karachi:  29 Ramadan in Pakistan showed interesting astronomical situation of Eid moon in Saudi Arabia, while the astronomical situation under to come aydka moon 29 month kunzrnh the practice in Saudi Arabia, Umm Qura ‘calendar rules Pakistan Visibility kucand are likely due to the astronomical situation and prospects for a ruzayd pydahugyy Fitr in both countries.


Eid common moon sighting and current astrological situation katzkrh while leading astro-scientist aurjamah Karachi, Prof. Dr. Shahid Qureshi revealed Monday that Saudi Arabia 29 month kucand sun will be some dyrqbl the sunset to sunset, Saudi Arabia, Umm alqraklyndr. under the rules agrcand be set before the sun to the 29th of any month 30th consecutive day is included in this month but agrcand sun begins badgrub hutuaglamhynh the setting after Tuesday kucand sun in Saudi Arabia in the current situation Sunset will, agrsaudy be decided under the moon sighting Arab mynrayj klyndrky mynuhan stops in 30 days is the feast aurbd.

We commented astronomical situation in Pakistan daktrsahd Qureshi said Pakistan Tuesday 29 Ramadan kucand sighting impossible, however visibility chances than zrurhyn, Pakistan on Tuesday kusurj are 40 minutes badtk Moon sets the Moon 8.5 to 9 degrees above the horizon to which the visibility is difficult to explain because they more than 9 degrees above prcandky visibility to the horizon, but the situation still agrmngl 29 month became Visibility kucand stops in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia will be at the festival in both countries.Qureshi said that astrological perspective prufysrsahd situation is impossible, however, because it has always aysasazunadrhy turprlyajarhahy an interesting astronomical situation.

The days of Ramadan is a month of Pakistan in Saudi Arabia.


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