PLBW’s (1st Day) Fashion Show 2015 by Niche Lifestyle



This is the PLBW’s Latest Fashion Show of 2015 by Niche Lifestyle. Niche Lifestyle was founded on January 1, 2012. This is the latest fashion show of 2015 for men and women. This is the latest fashion shows of PLBW 2015. This fashion is going to be the best fashion show in Pakistan. In this fashion show these were the best designer dresses of 2015.


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In this PLBW fashion show there were the best dresses including, a-line shirts, shalwar kameez, long shirt, kurti, saree, lehgna, sharara and frocks. You can wear these dresses on any occasion like, casual wear, birthday wear, party wear, formal wear and non formal wears.



In this PLBW’s fashion show of Niche Lifestyle the best colors were used like, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, orange, black and white. This is the best fashion show of PLBW of 2015 because of its shining and beauty and colors.



These dresses are stitched, embroidered and digitally printed dresses. These dresses are also very trendy, stylish and made of very good quality cotton. These dresses are very affordable because of its low price. You can get all of the info about fashion shows and fashion trends on our website because we give all info o fashion trends.


PLBW’s (1st day) of Fashion Show 2015