QnH Latest Winter Long Shirt Collection For Women & Girls

Winter Long Shirt Designs 2013 For Women & Girls By QnH

QnH Latest Winter Long Shirt Collection For Women & Girls. This winter collection launched for young girls and modern. QNH fashion label is one of the most famous and leading to Pakistan. QnH fashion brand is a fashion brand that has become part of the fashion industry since 2008.

In a very short period of his career, has earned fashion responsive lovers. QnH offers casual clothing, wearing clothes, and party dresses for all types of young women. QnH also offers seasonal dresses fashion designs and appearance. QNH recently launched their long winter shirt designs.

In this latest winter collection, you will find beautiful dresses but elegant added. This has been collecting clothes dresses were designed with embroidery and beautiful engravings in everywhere. Some of the beads and lacework have also done in this collection.

The colors used for this collection are, of course, bright like red, yellow, orange, and etc etc. All of them are awesome looking in their courts and high ends. Now see pictures of Winter Long Shirt Designs  For Women & Girls By QnH