Salman starrer ‘Dabangg’ and Sonakshi holiday near the third sequel

Mumbai  domineering super Bollywood star Salman Khan has been started after the actress filed her close friend and actress holiday third sequel flm”dbng ‘of Sonakshi Sinha.

Bollywood star Salman Khan and actress Sonakshi deep friendship between Sinha That slumyan had been launched competitor cast domineering girlfriend in 2010 film ‘Dabangg’ winters career after which he several films in flm”dbng 2, which show the essence of acting ‘,’ Ride Rathore ‘aur”sn of leaders, including spouses and the slow but sturdy grill is at fault in the art of friendship it was the biggest shock of his career.


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According to media reports, Salman Khan and Sonakshi friendship between Sinha being is not the same as the reason for refusing to work domineering girlfriend from slow Mian brother arbaz Khan’s film ‘Drum Dolly’ he was now Salman Khan looking actress and start new ones filed Sonakshi off the third sequel of arbaz Khan’s film ‘Dabangg’ continues to be angry after arpth Khan marriage between Sonakshi, Salman Khan, after which Is.


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The actress Sonakshi Sinha in her flmun”akyrh ‘,’ Force 2”aur”nur ‘shooting.


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