Shanzay by Al hamra Textiles Khadder Dresses For Ladies

Shanzay Khadder Complete Catalog 2014 by Al hamra Textiles

Khadder is used when winter is on its peak and girls with fashion with safety. Al-Hamra Fabric always offer stylish winter dresses for Pakistani women and girls. 

Shanzay Khadder Complete Dresses by Al Hamra Textiles has lumbered in fashion arena of Pakistan since year 1994. Al-Hamra Fabrics is one of the most ahead textiles mills is furnishing their seasonal collection to women. Al-Hamra Textiles has come up with bedazing Al-Hamra Shanzay Khaddar collection for women with full of khaddar dresses.

Overall the collection is superb and mind-blowing. Al-Hamra Textile’s most belated Shanzay Khaddar collection for women is a perfect collection for the winter season. Now take a look at Shanzay by Al Hamra Textiles Khadder Dresses For Ladies…

Shanzay by Al hamra Textiles Khadder Dresses For women


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