Shariq Textile Latest Sahil Embroidered Collection For Women

Sahil Embroidered New Witner Dress Range 2014 by Shariq Textile (3)

Shariq Textile is back with Latest Sahil Embroidered Collection For Women and girls. Shariq textile is one of the very famous businesses in Pakistan as far as textiles are worried. Was not too long a history but it is still a large business that is famous for the textile commerce in Pakistan.

They offer to spin and weaving a broad variety of fabrics from Lawn to variety. Shariq Textile Group is offered Sahil Embroidered dresses Range Collection just now. Have some superb concepts and different linen dresses. This is due to a broad range and we accept as true that this group will be adept to rendezvous different flavors and desires of their customers.

Young women can be recognized as well as the desires of the vintage woman of dignified dresses by this Sahil Embroidered Range Collection also. General, Sahil Embroidered variety Collection byShariq Textiles can be called a great supplement to other assemblies of this textile business very successful and popular.

It provides embroidered and published concepts on various fabrics. For example, the park printed and handed out embroidered both in the summer. There are a lot of distinct assemblies, encompassing the jump flower bed, Reeva, Zainab Chottani Collection, Nadia Hussein’s flower bed, and so on have been issued previously this year.

Both groups Textiles Shariq ‘is accessible in different fabric shops in Pakistan and other nations. Glimpse the images of Shariq Textile Latest Sahil Embroidered Collection For Women….

Latest Sahil Embroidered dresses fashion Collection by Shariq Textile


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