Sharmila farooqi wedding Picture & Dance Photo Pose

Sharmila farooqi wedding Dance Photo Pose With Her Friends

The much awaited wedding of the bold and sexy Pakistani female politician Sharmila Farooqi. The event was held in Karachi. Sharmila weds with Mr. Hasham Riaz Shaikh, a former New York banker and now the owner of Capital TV in Pakistan.


The Farooqi story too, it seems, will have a happy ending like so many others do, thanks to the NRO, reconciliation and saving of democratic system. associate of the simple meeting and former consultant to the chief parson of Sindh, Farooqi’s life has curved for good. Sharmila farooqi wedding Picture & Dance Photo Pose. I wish her the best of luck for the future.


Sharmila farooqi Beautiful Seem In Latest Designs Of Dresse Her Wedding Cermony

Sharmila Farooqi is a famous politician of Pakistan People’s Party and an elected member of Parliament from 2008-2013. Sharmila Farooqi Absolute Wedding Pictures. She was the adviser to CM Sindh and one of the best spokes person by PPP. Recently she was engaged to Hasham Riaz Sheikh. He was the son of very close friend of President Asif Ali Zardari. Sharmila Farooqi Absolute Biography & Pictures. She is very beautiful and some of the people even say’s that she looks like Kareena Kapoor but we don’t think so. Below we have given the Complete wedding FunctionPicture of Sharmila Farooqi and pictures too

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