Sharmila Faruqi to Take Legal Action Against Hostess Nadia Khan

TV show host and actress Nadia Khan has once again landed in new scandal,  In the Party Function for making a video of Anisa Faruqi, with the mother of PPP leader Sharmila Faruqi, in which she targeted her makeup and Dressing style. Though this would ordinarily seem like a perfectly nice thing to do in which she complimented on her mother of Sharmila Faruqi. Sharmila didn’t think it was just a general interview. She called it was joking and said she will be taking legal action against Nadia Khan for it decision. On Thursday evening, Sharmila filed a case against Nadia Khan with the Federal Investigation Agency. The video has become viral on social media and also shared by an Instagram page.

Sharmila Faruqui comes face to face with Nadia Khan

The politician and celebrities commented on the video and wrote, she’s a shameless woman. Sharmila Faruqi says that I’m reporting her to cybercrime officially. “An Instagram video went viral in which Nadia Khan asked Anisa Faruqi who does her makeup. In her reply, the woman admitted to doing it herself but learnt it from her daughter Sharmila Faruqi. Anisa Faruqi Daughter PPP leader Sharmila Faruqi has make Shure to take legal action against Hostess and broadcaster Nadia Khan for making remarks on her mother. According to the reports, Nadia Khan outreached of Sharmila Faruqi’s mother has announced on social media. Nadia Khan posted a video of Anisa Faruqi titled out style and makeup on her YouTube account. She is deeply insulted by Nadia Khan’s move and has tagged her Shameless Woman. Sharmila did not stop there, she also stated that she will take legal action against Nadia Khan.

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Usman Sarwar