Sobia Nazir Rungrez Chiffon Eid Collection 2015

Here afashionz is sharing Sobia Nazir Rungrez Chiffon Eid Collection 2015 for women. Recently Sobia Nazir has launched her pure Silk midsummer collection 2015-2016 for special Eid-ul-adha event.I thismidsummer collection it includes Formal wear furthermore as eid party wear dresses midsummer collection with new styles.

This Eid Sobia Nazir Rungrez Chiffon midsummer collection 2015-2016 is additionally adorned with embroidery Work and patches work. All these dresses. or this Eid ul Azha Rangrez cause adorned Chiffon Dresses for women, with stylish colours and surprising technique of adorned exercising on chiffon outfits, – Fleur d’ liaison Rungrez adorned Chiffon eid ul azha midsummer collection 2015-2016include rising look and good kind of adorned work on shirt and duppta with plain chiffon garment.

Rungrez adorned Chiffon eid Sobia Nazir Rungrez Chiffon collection consists unstitched dresses for women to rejoice eid ul azha with alteration and trendy manner, with engaging badge and surprising exercising, all ladies specially young ladies be dotty to be dressed this midsummer collection on nice gala of eid 2015-2016.

We have totally different styles to every alternative color conjointly employed in this midsummer collection is red, blue pink black and brown.Here is additionally shows some footage of those dresses midsummer collection 2015-2016 for women to have on this bakra eid day. Have a look over Sobia Nazir Rungrez Chiffon Eid Collection 2015…

Rungrez new eid dresses volume 2015 by Sobia Nazir

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