Sunsilk Fashion Week 2014 for Women and Girls

Fashion weeks are being held many times in every year to promote and publicity many products. Many companies introduced their brands for every season for their publicity. Sunsilk is one of the leading company have many products and know all over the world to promote their work.

Recently Sunsilk Fashion week held in Karachi from April 10, 2014 to April 13, 2014. Many TV actresses and well know Models participate in this show and exhibit the many dresses of summer season 2014 to promote the culture of many generations. Specially a well know Model Natasha was call in this fashion week to show different styles of dresses for summer 2014. In this fashion week sunsilk fashion week many dresses of men and women introduced with new look and latest style. Natasha wear many dresses of different kinds and show in front of the people. Natasha is a TV actor and also a leading model in Pakistan. She has participate in many modeling shows and gained a high experience of modeling. Natasha is a beautiful and famous model of Pakistan. Natasha also do Commercials of many companies and is  become a prominent figure of Show Biz.

We also promote and encourage a great work of companies. We have a collection pictures 2014 of Sunsilk Fashion Week 2014. You can see many different dresses and famous personalities in these pictures of Sunsilk Fashion Week 2014.

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