Sushmita Sen Anarkali Suits Frocks For Girls

Sushmita Sen Anarkali Party Wear Suits 2013-14 For Women (8)

Fashion for frock and shalwar kameez is old but in new fashion trends. Natasha Couture has been recently brought out beautiful Indian fashion Bollywood style Anarkali dresses aggregation from designers label celebrities original suits entitled Sushmita Sen Designers Anarkali Suits , this collection is well designed and elegant.

Anarkali Suits Frocks Culture

Anarkalis are typically worn by women in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. The style has also found its way into the Western world. To modernize it for today’s women, designers have incorporated different colors and fabrics to give the dress a more versatile appeal. One of these designers is Sushmita Sen who recently launched an Anarkali suit collection for girls.

The article will discuss how the recent release of Sushmita Sen’s line of Anarkali Suits for girls should be seen as a breakthrough, not just in the fashion industry, but in the world of gender equality. The traditional outfit worn by Indian women is now being marketed to children as well as adults, giving young boys and girls greater freedom to express their cultural identity.


Fashion of Anarkali Frocks dresses in Pakistan & India:

ali Frocks dresses in Pakistan & India are popular among girls. They are traditionally made of the fabric “chiffon”. The dress is ankle length with a protruding front panel below the chest level. The front panel can be tied around the waist to make an “Anarkali Salwar” or the dress can also be worn without tying it with a matching shawl.

Another traditional outfit for women in Pakistan is an Anarkali frock dress. It consists of a long, baggy kameez with a fitted bottom. It has long sleeves and buttons up the front. The kameez is often embroidered with gold zari work. The bottom can be tight to above the knee or slack, depending on the occasion. These are usually worn to celebrations or other formal events.

Sushmita Sen, an Indian actress and former beauty queen, is making a comeback as a designer. She’s designed what she calls the “Anarkali Suit” for girls. It’s her own take on the traditional outfit that women in northern India wear to weddings and other formal events.

This collection also consists of the Indian style frocks collection for party wear. This party wear collection is dressed by laces and embroidery work. Here shows some pictures of this Sushmita Sen Anarkali Suits Frocks For Girls collection…

Sushmita Sen Anarkali Suits Frocks For Girls



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