Taankay dress collection for eid ul adha vol-1 2015

It is the famous taankay designer dresses of 2015 for Eid ul Aha. it will be launched this week. It is the most beautiful and stunning dress collection of 2015 for Eid ul Adha it has the best combination of natural colors Like Pink, Red, Yellow, Blue ETC. this is the latest dress collection by taankay. It was founded in 2012. It is providing all type of dresses like Shalwar kameez , kurti shalwar, bridal dresses, long and short shirts, A-line shirts, gown, palazzo, trousers, tights, frocks, Shirts and many more type of best designer dresses.

You can know all information about this Eid Ul Adha collection by taankay by its official face book page of taankay. It has its own creative ideas of dress designing like no one else can design these are beautiful dress collection by taankay. The model in this dress collection is Saheefa Jabbar Khattak.

You can get updates of taankay A-line and kurti shalwar from here www.afashionz.com

She is the most famous model in Pakistan the is the best in all. These are the best and efficient dresses and in range of every women. It is the most famous dress designing company in Pakistan. Every woman wants to buy these dresses because it is the most attractive dress collection of Eid ul Adha by taankay wants to give joy to every woman.

Taanklay Designer Dresses is one of the best trends of women fashion. Women love to wear best and attractive dress collection. We consider that everyone is gorgeous. There is just a need to fetch out the beauty. We plan to supply all the ladies with ready-made clothing that will suit their era,These taankay dresses are the most Attractive Dresses . It is available in stores in this week all you need is to buy these gorgeous dresses for you daughters, fiancé and for your mothers. All type of information you want is in our website www.afashionz.com

Theses are some of the taankay’s latest  kurti shalwar dresses

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