The island! where Stone Currency is still Used.

Melbourne: Limestone round stones are being used as money as far as one of the semi-autonomous islands near the island of Australia. One of the islands is Yap, where round rocks are being used as money for centuries, but nobody knows what’s the reason, and when has this series started? The island! where Stone Currency is still Used.

Yap Island is administered by the US and officially used dollars, but locals are still spending money from currency gem from Lime Stone (diameter), diameter from 30 cm to 3 Is metric Some of them are equal to a small car. Like a large rocky mint, these currencies are available outside of hotels and forests and other buildings and it is in hundreds.

However, the villagers have placed 13000 rocky mines in banks too. The biggest stone is considered to be the most valuable among them.

The Island of Yap and The Idea of Money still junked in Stones

The Island of Yap and The Idea of Money

Says Dr. Scott Physician, researcher of the Bishrats and Micronesian Islands in the University of Oregon: “It is not clear when the stone was used as a stone, but perhaps a campaign that discovered it, which made the limestone present a shape of throat. It would be so that they could ride it like a wheel. Then this currency spread across the yap. People started giving them gifts and gradually it changed into currency and the price of large scale began to grow.The Island Of Stone Money Photos

The oral history of the island has shown that every stone has a price, some stones have a weight of tons so that the money is not transmitted, its owners are changing. The rocky currency is spent on drought, crop insurance, and emergency in emergency situations.

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