Tips To Increase Battery Timing of Mobiles


Way to improve mobile battery timings

Many people find problem due to battery earlier shortage. We will provide tips to increase  mobile battery timing. By using these tips you will be able to overcome this problem of early battery shortage.

It is an unfortunate fact that even in this age of technology, we have not been able to overcome this problem of earlier battery shortage. In fact, we are in a habit of using the extra features of mobile phones and keep these unnecessary features on the mobile, even we are not using them. There are many reasons for the early battery shortage but we don’t pay heed to them. We should be aware of the facts and tips that how to increase mobile battery timing.

Now a days there are many hardware solutions available to increase the battery timings. These include portable USB power banks, power utilizers, Qualcomm Quick Charge and many other battery booster devices  units available in the market. Some of these are costly while others are easy to purchase. But you should know the tips to increase battery timings and the techniques that how to increase mobile battery timing, so that you may not have to purchase these hardware mobile battery booster tools.

How to increase mobile battery timings


Tips To Increase Battery Timing

Now we will look into these mobile battery booster techniques in detail:

Turn The Phone Off While Charging 

It is better that when you attach your mobile with the charger plugged in, you should turn the mobile phone off. This will charge the battery fastly and will also increase the battery life time.

Stop Searching For The Signal

Do not let the mobile search for the signals in the poor signal locality. This will soon drain your battery. You can use a signal repeater at such places for your mobile.

Do Not let Full Discharge

When your battery power is getting low, then the mobile phones start giving the alarm of connecting to a charger. So , don’t wait for the mobile to shut down and then plug to a charger, but you should at once connect it to a charger.

Switch Vibrating Off

If the vibration mode of your mobile phone is On , then this will consume much battery, So try to keep the vibrational mode of the mobile in the off state.

Turn Off Phone’s Back Light

 The back light of the mobile phone, if kept on for a long time, your battery will be consumed evenly. So better to turn off the mobile back light.

Do not Use UnNecessary Features

Some times we open too many features and programs on the mobile phone even if we are not using mobile phones. This will end your battery very soon. So in order to keep the battery time longer, do not use these extra features.

Make Short Calls

Making the long calls will definitely consume more battery, So its better that if not necessary, then try making short calls.

Turn Off Blue Tooth

Often after switching on the blue tooth, we forget to turn it off. This causes a load on the battery, and battery drains more quickly. So keep into notice that Bluetooth should be turned off after usage.

Turn Off Unused Functions

Often we open many functions and features in the mobile for the time being, and then don’t stop and close them. They remain open in the menu list and consume the share from the battery power. This is an undesirable thing nd drains the battery faster. SO we should pay a heed to this negligence, and turn off the unused functions.

Keep Brightness Low

Try to keep the brightness of the mobile to a low state, because if we keep the brightness high, then the consumption of the battery will be more, it should be kept to the low scale. We can also use the auto brightness option.

Turn Mobile Data Off

If we are not using internet, 3G or 4G internet, then the mobile data should be turned off. Sometimes mMobile Data feature remains open for a long time. It should be turned off, soon after its usage to keep the battery power smooth.

Use GSM rather than 3G

If it is possible for you, then keep your mobile phone on the just GSM mode, try not to be keep it on WCDMA or 3G mode, this will consume your battery power more early than usual.

Don’t Use Moving and Animated Screen Savers

Some people are fond of having moving and animated wallpapers and screen saver for their mobile backgrounds. But they should know that these colorful pictures and moving animated themes are a big source of battery drainage. Try avoiding these animated and moving background and themes for your mobile phone to increase the battery timing.

Don’t Use Moving Backgrounds

Same is the case for moving backgrounds. The moving back grounds do the same to mobile which is done by animated and moving themes. This should also not be used.

Keep Battery Cool

Battery should not be allowed to get warm. Do not keep at such places that will warmth the battery. This is also one of the main tips to increase battery timing.

Clean The Battery Contacts

Battery contacts are the point at which the battery is inserted to the mobile fit plugin circuits made for the battery click to read. Often some dust is accumulated at this point. This should be cleaned properly. Otherwise it will make the battery sluggish and its performance will be decreased with time.

Keep Screen Time Out Short

Set the screen lights timeout to a minimum scale or duration. If it remains intact for a long time, battery will be consummated for that time.

Turn Off Notifications

Notification feature of the mobiles should be turned on in order to keep the battery timing and long lasting  smooth.

These are some of the tips to increase mobile battery timings. After reading this article you will come to know that how to increase mobile battery timing..Moreover many other informations have been given in this article about battery booster devices such as Qualcomm Quick Charge, portable USB power banks etc.

Tips to increase mobile battery timing


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