Top 10 oppressed countries of the World 2024

Top 10 oppressed countries of World History:

Here we will discuss some Top 10 oppressed countries of the World 2024 that are oppressed in many ways. On May 13, 1998, Jakarta (or Jakarta) Indonesia witnessed a riot against ethnic Chinese minorities. Indonesian residents of the Chinese population owned many shops and shops, which were born in the form of envy and disease, leading to theft and rape.

Minorities in many countries are formally opposed to general law or practice. Here in America, we are more familiar with the American-African aggression, but more and more here and around the world.

The following are 10 examples of minority groups struggling against such cruelty. What group will you add to this list? (We know, Latin America in America, but the point of view is when the Latin population becomes the largest ethnic group in the United States for a few decades).Top 10 oppressed countries of the World 2017

Now go into some depth:

  1. Albania, sub-Saharan Africa.

Along with the population of Africa, Alvin is generally regarded as fear and neglect. The makers have done as part of the domestic debt, often leading to the killing of humans, to the extent that people are aware of the misunderstanding they have ended. I worry about the problems of foresight and serious dealings, Alvinus is very difficult without the extreme discipline of fellow humans.

  1. India, Pakistan and sub-Africa.

People affected by the subcontinent Indian continent moved to Africa and work hard to open a business, many areas have become shop owner. Local Africans have often welcomed the success of these migrants and have sometimes expressed violations, envy and instability. This result is shown all over the world against newcomers as making new money from the new poor, such as American dealers described in American gambling and an introductory paragraph against American, Chinese and Indian shop owners.

  1. Muslim, China.

The Muslim population in China makes international news from time to time when the Chinese government targets protesters for protest or intervention. China has a population of 1 to 2% (55 to 40 million), of whom 55 Chinese minorities are 10 Muslims. The maximum number of Chinese Muslims is related to the rest of the country, but the Yogol people are from many western parts of the country who have gained government hostility by calling for their separate country. About 8 lakh people feel oppressed and full of freedom.

  1. Catholicism, America and others.

It is hard to believe that the largest single religion in the United States may be a minority, but in fact, when the number of Protestant (and other) Catholic denominations increases. The “Klan Klan” was targeted Catholic and attacked countries such as West Virginia and Indiana.

With only major conflicts, John F. Kennedy was the first Catholic president of the United States only, and later declared a famous speech, declaring his political independence from the Vatican. Since Jews and Americans of African Catholic origin have historically been excluded from some clubs and private organizations, in the past few decades there have been some situations in promoting laws and general discrimination against religious discrimination.

Indeed, many American Catholics of Irish, Italian, Spanish, and Polish ethnicity became part of the genocide against these groups. There is still terrible and undesirable horror for the Roman Catholic Church and other countries, especially Protestantism, communism, Muslims or Buddhism, against all Christians or Catholics.

  1. Handicapped/Crippled/Disabled People mostly.

Fortunately, with the Disabled Persons Act in America, the situation in the United States is changing, and other progressive countries are doing similar things, so this group can overcome this list in the future a lot. However, there is great for them in stairs, no elevator or ramp, narrow doors, high-door armor, use of the disabled bath, road insects, and other minerals for the movement of people affected by the border.

There is no harm. Although most people do not say that disability and disabilities get at least those jobs that are capable of doing so, their perceptions can be fully absorbed that they are less capable or in the workplace than the way. Here’s the “problem” below.

Physical appearance outside routine (such as victims, cancer victims, and other people suffering from disappointment) is the result of discrimination in many aspects of this type of behavior. Part of this problem changes, but the rest always changes.

  1. Kurds, Turkey & Iraq.

The Kurdish people believe that the number of other ethnic groups has received their country, and ignored in recent years. The Kurds are treated in Turkey and Iraq as prisoners, and insurance is strict.

When thinking of the left, George W. Bush encouraged him to revolt in Iraq in 1991, and the United States failed to provide the expected support, killing the Kurds repeatedly. A US-Turkish coalition shows that Iraqis and Iraq’s border borders in Iraq are a Kurdish state.

  1. Local Americans, America, and Canada.

The rules are one thing, but the procedures are different. The local American population has been given “reservations” on the ground, which is part of the area of ​​the original area, usually at least resources (at the time of demarcation), and harvesting in boats and animals. Suitable for.

The disease will come to the disadvantaged and affected populations of North America, such as the Indians in Cleveland (with their chaos), the Red Cross in Washington, and the Atlanta barges indicating the continuing restrictions of racist sport.

  1. Jews, Islamic countries.

With all the news about Arab and Israeli conflicts and hate speech against Israel and Jews by officials in Iran and other countries, you do not realize that many of them live in many countries. Many Jews lived in Iran, until 1979, the Islamic Revolution was not able to convince most of them. In Islamic countries, Jews are officially other government citizens, and some rights, such as rejection, are rejected.

In fact, historically, Jews were criticized in Spain during the Holocaust with a very beautiful time in Germany. Russia and Ukraine historically hosted Jews against Jews, in other liberal countries with credibility, as well as many issues of discrimination (eg, in the United States).

  1. Palestine, Israel, and other countries.

Like Jews in Muslim countries, Israeli Palestinians do not have 100% of the rights and stability of Jewish citizens. Israelis believe that Palestine has a country, Jordan should be, but Jordan believes differently. There are a growing number of Arab countries that do not welcome the Palestinians and allow them to serve the lower class in the service industries.

  1. Women and girls, Muslim countries (and others).

Here, the largest group of people below, are not a real minority of female men because they expel men all over the world. However, most of the Muslim countries conflict with the law and the public. The largest group of people listed here, female women are not even a real minority because they are more than men all over the world.

However, in Muslim countries more than others, they discriminate against them under the law and in the opinion of the public. Driving, starting a divorce, contracting, going to specific places, and being forced to obey dress laws in some countries, second class women can not have much of the Islamic world.

In China with the law restricting families to one child, female children are sometimes slaughtered, and in modern countries, female embryos are often deleted. Common practices in countries governed by Islamic laws are “female circumcision” or clitoris eradication of young women so that women are prohibited from engaging in sexual activity.

In Pakistan, there is a strong feeling against women who are taught to read that an adolescent teenager suffers from death. Even in the United States where women in law are “equal”, there is a debate today about statistics that earn women but 77% are as much as men who do the same job, and have a law to pass equal pay for equal work seems impossible.

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