Top 10 Richest People of the world

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The Forbes is a business magazine of America, which publishes the top richest people of the world every March. Forbes magazine had started publishing the list of top billionaires of the world in March 1987. Since then, it is continuously publishing the list of top billionaires.This list shows the details of the net worth status of these top rich people of the world along with their nationality and some other details as well. The current year, Forbes has published its list of richest people in the world on 2nd March 2016. Shown below is the  list of Forbes 2016 ranking of richest people around the globe:


 List of Top Richest Person Of The World 2022

No.NameNet  (USD)AgeNationalitySource(s) of wealth
1Bill Gates$75.0 billion60 America(U.S)Microsoft
2Amancio Ortega$67.0 billion79 SpainInditex
3Warren Buffett$60.8 billion85America(U.S)Berkshire Hathaway
4Carlos Slim$50.0 billion76 MexicoTelmex, Grupo Carso
5Jeff Bezos$45.2 billion52America(U.S)
6Mark Zuckerberg$44.6 billion31America(U.S)Facebook
7Larry Ellison$43.6 billion71America(U.S)Oracle Corporation
8Michael Bloomberg$40.0 billion74America(U.S)Bloomberg
9Charles Koch$39.6 billion80America(U.S)Koch Industries
9David Koch$39.6 billion75America(U.S)Koch Industries
10Liliane Bettencourt$36.1 billion93 FranceL’Oreal



                      Features of the Forbes Business Magazine.

 Forbe billionaires

  • It is the most authentic publisher of the top billionaire people of the world.
  • It publishes the list of top rich people of the world every March.
  • It is publishing this list since March 1987.
  • It shows the net worth of the top billionaires in US dollars.
  • Forbes also shows the nationality of these billionaires.
  • You can find other information about these billionaires in Forbes magazine.
  • More than 50 reporters from all over the world gather information about the world’s top richest person.
  • Dictators and Royals are not added in the list.
  • Complete assets details of the top billionaires of the world are estimated through surveys and interviews.
  • Stock prices are also taken in account before publishing the list.


Information From Forbes Annual Ranking

We get very interesting information about the rankings of the top richest person of the world from Forbes magazine. This information and results are summarized below.

  • For the last three years, Bill Gates the Microsoft founder has taken the title of the richest man of the world.
  • Bill Gates has attained the richest man of the world title about 17 times.
  • The founder of Facebook Zuckerberg is the youngest in the top 10 richest person list.
  • America Ortega has jumped from the fourth position to the second position.
  • Carlos Slim has descended from second to the fourth position.
  • Jeff Besoz( Amason), Michael Bloomberg (Bloomberg), and Zuckerberg (Facebook) have been the first time in top 10 billionaires list.
  • Charles Koch and David Koch have turned down from upper positions to the ninth position.

Let us now peep into the life details of all these billionaires.

 top ten richest persons of the world

Bill Gates

Bill Gates is the founder of the famous computer software company Microsoft. There will be no one who is not familiar with Microsoft. He is the chairman and CEO of the Microsoft company. Bill Gates have been on the list of top richest persons of the world about 17 times. He is also the founder of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.Bill gates have been the author of different books, he has also taken part in advertisements for the promotion of Microsoft. Bill gates also support and invest his wealth for the betterment of society and help the affected nations and people at the time of some natural disaster.Bill Gates has also been added to the list of top influential persons of the world in 20th century.

Amenico Ortega

Amenico Ortega is the chairman of Inditex, a leading fashion group of Spain.Currently, he is rated as the second richest person in the world in the list of top richest person of the world by Forbes magazine. He is known as the man of a simple lifestyle because his dressings are very simple looking. Firstly he launched Zara group with the help of his wife and soon it began to flourish and now Zara group is an integral part of the Inditex group

Warren Buffett

Warren Edward Buffett is the world-famous and leading investor. He is the very popular business investor of America check this site out. He is the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. He was the richest person of the world in 2008.He is also called as the wizard of Omaha.He has been investing in the stock market since his school days. H e has been chairman of Berkshire Hathaway since 1970. He has his properties in various parts of America. His writings include different books and articles on business enterprise.

Carlos Slim

Carlos Slim had been ranked as the richest man in the world from 2010 to 2013. He is also called as Warren Buffett of Mexico. He has much shared in various companies of Mexico through his Grupo Carso.He is the chairman and CDO of Telecom companies Telmex and America Movil. Slim has 40 % listings in Mexico Stock Exchange which shows his supremacy on Mexico’s economy. His business spreads in different sectors such as airlines,real estate, food and beverages, entertainment, media, energy and much more. His income assets are about 6 % of Mexico GDP.He has been awarded from different American organizations for his social welfare and business development work.

 Jeff Bezos

He is the founder of and thus has many services in the e-commerce field .He has become a largest electronic merchant and thus deals books, products, video streaming and many other articles on the web. In fact, has almost become largest web merchant store. Jeff also deals in newspaper publishing and has also interest in aerospace fields.

Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg is the youngest in the list of top richest person in the world. He is the founder of the famous social website FaceBook. He is a well proficient programmer. With the help of some of his friends, he launched a social web interface for communication within his university,which soon spread in the city and then nationwide. Soon its fame took the flight to cover the whole world and now we see that FaceBook is the largest social website all over the world. He is also spending on many social benefit programs from his vast income and promoting human equality like projects.So he is the youngest richest person of the world.

Larry Ellison

He is a renowned business man of America and he is a joint founder of Oracle and remained its chairman for quite a long time.In 2014, he was the third richest person of the world and now he is on the fifth position in the top richest persons of the world. The Oracle was, in fact, his project for the database of CIA. He succeeded in having an Oracle Team. And developed it from nowhere to an outstanding position.He is also a licensed pilot and has many air crafts.He also owns two military air jets and one training jet.

Michael Bloomberg

He had been a mayor of Newyork city. He is a businessman and politician of the United States. He is the founder and CEO of Bloomberg Ltd.This company serves for resolving investment issue for global trade.He had also tried for the presidential elections of the United States. His political services are much as the mayor of the NewYork city regarding its development. He has also invested in many multinational firms as well.

.Charles Koch & David Koch

These two brothers are businessmen and political donors of America. They have founded Koch Industries. Charles Koch is the chairman and CEO of Koch Industries and David Koch is the vice president. Koch industries serve in various sectors as oil refining, planning, polymers, fertilizers, synthetics, minerals, and ranching. Revenue wise Koch Industries is the second-largest private company in the United States. Politically they support the liberal party and are thus libertarian

 Liliane Bettencourt

She is a famous French socialist woman.She is the richest woman of the world and at 10th position in the top wealthiest persons of the world, according to Forbes rankings. She is the main shareholder of L Oreal, which is the very famous cosmetic,beauty and fashion company. First, she took the hold of her father’s company at the age of 15 years, then after some experience she launched her own company with the name of L Oreal.

These are the essential details of the top ten wealthiest persons in the world. you can also find here details about Bill Gates, as well as Zuckerberg, the youngest richest person of the world and also about the richest woman of the world. On our website, you can find top lists of almost all the things. We will keep uploading them. If you want to visit the top luxury car brands of the world, then you can get details about the top luxury car brands of the world by clicking here.