Top Effective Tips To Remove Dark Circles

In this article, you will find a list of effective top effective tips to remove dark circles. Many Women often get worried about dark circles that appear usually around different sectors of the skin. They often appear around or under the eye. These dark circles reduce the beauty of the face and present an ugly look.

So women, especially young ladies find it a deep problem. But nothing to worry about, because as every problem has a solution, there is almost a cure to every disease. We will provide here effective top effective tips to remove dark circles, which will prove very useful for the viewers.

Top effective tips to remove dark circles

We will not only give you remedies but will also inform you what these dark circles are in fact? What are the causes of these dark circles, what are the effects of dark circles, and also remedies that how to get rid of dark circles?


What are Dark Circles

.In fact, the dark circles are the vessels of blood capillaries that are found under and near the eye segment of the ace. These are also called periorbital dark circles, These are a sort of dark blemishes near the eyes. The skin around the eye is very sensitive, thin, and transparent. When blood passes through this thin section of the eye, then often the blood vessels here are depressed due to the flow of blood and present a dark spot or lines, If the skin part around the eye is more sensitive, then the spots will be more darkened and will look like dark circles around the eye.


Causes of Dark Circles

There are many causes of the dark spots. The major causes of dark circles are heredity, i.e, transferred from parents to the offspring. Some other causes are :

  • Itching around the eye depresses the capillaries.
  • Asthma
  • Eczema
  • Anemia
  • Fatigue ( due to lack of sleep)
  • Pregnancy
  • Menstruation
  • Blood dilating medicines,
  • Age factor
  • Mental stress
  • Lack of nutrient diet


Effects of Dark Circles

There are many undesired effects of dark circles, especially for ladies. These effects are :

  • It can cause serious skin problems.
  • Untreated dark circles can depress blood vessels.
  • Permanent dark circles make the face ugly-looking.
  • A person looks tired and older.

how to get rid of dark circles


Top Effective Tips To Remove Dark Circles

Now we move towards the remedies and will narrate here the top effective tips to remove dark circles. You can try these tips and apply them very conveniently even in the home, These homemade skin beauty tips will be very fruitful for the beauty and skin glow.

Almond and Vitamin E Oil

If you get fresh almond oil, this will help a lot in removing and fading the dark circles which appear under or around the eye portion. Just rub your eye side skin gently with almond oil daily twice and much better if you massage it gently before going to bed. You will soon feel relief from these dark circles. If Almond oil is mixed with a small amount of vitamin E, then it will prove wonderful and this will be the most effective treatment in how to remove the dark circles.

Tomato and Lemon Juice Mixture

Tomato and Lemon juices can also provide an easy medication in knowing how to get rid of dark circles.  The tomato and lemon, vegetables have skin-friendly ingredients and are widely used for skin beauty and glow tips. In case of removing dark circles, mix up a tablespoon of tomato juice with a teaspoon of lemon juice and apply this mixture gently to the dark circles. Within some days, you will notice a remarkable reduction in the dark circles. If mint leaves are also added to this solution, then this proves more futile.


The raw and grated potatoes are also used as the remedy of dark circles. The potatoes have such nutrients present in it that can faint the dark spots. The procedure is very simple. You have to take raw potatoes and then extract the juice of grated potatoes. Then soak some cotton balls in this potato juice and gently place them over the eyelid and dark circle areas of the face for about 10 minutes. You will see positive results in a few days, You can also place raw potato slices over the eyes as well.

Orange Juice and Glycerine Mixture

Another simple homemade tip to remove removing dark circles is fresh orange juice. In this method, You have to take fresh orange juice and add some amount of glycerine to this juice. The mixture is almost ready, You have to apply it to the dark circle spots around the eye. You can also use cotton balls for this purpose. This will remove the dark circles and will add to the skin’s beauty and glow as well. Because this mixture is also used as a tip for skin beauty and glow.

Rose Water

Rosewater has been known from ancient times as a skin-friendly solution that has many skin-soothing properties. It is often used for skin beauty and glows. It milds the skin tissues and make them smooth. For removing dark circles, you can also use rose water along with other techniques. Dip the cotton balls in rose water solution and place them on the dark circle areas. It will soon fade them.

Cold Tea Bags.

Cold tea bags also prove useful for this sort of treatment. The procedure is a very simple one. Just take black tea bags or green tea bags. Store it in some cool place. Once the tea bags get cooled, you can place them over your eyes and the spots of dark circles. This remedy will prove very useful in the treatment of dark circles.

Yoga Relaxation

Sometimes stress and tiredness is the main cause of appearing dark circles around the eyes. In this case, the best thing to know about how to get rid of dark circles is yoga, meditation, and relaxation. This will cause you to feel free and relaxed, Unnecessary tensions and stress will perish away and your face outlets will be brightened. Doing these yoga exercises on a daily routine will help to remove dark circles a;png with body and mind relaxation as well.

how to get rid of dark circles


These are the famous techniques to know how to get rid of dark circles. In fact, these are the top effective tips to remove dark circles. These tips also contain information about skin beauty ad glow. These are very easy homemade tips to remove dark circles. The information given is very useful to understand the causes of dark circles and the effects of dark circles.

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