List of Top Ten mobile Phone brands in the world

List of Top mobile brands in world

The world has become a global village. The Internet made us so close and we can know about everywhere in the world in no time by using today technology. Smartphone has become the very first need of human. Mobile phone touch screen models of different types from different companies are being merged every other day in the world with new designs and eye-catching specifications. Here on this page, we are going to share a list of top mobile brands in the world 2022  based on popularity ratings of these companies and annual revenue data.

Top mobile Brands in World

Usually, people look around the internet and type different queries for mobile phones to buy and find the best mobile phone website by using Google. Before buying a Smartphone now people are used to searching and getting reviews about different and top Smartphones in the world and then they find the world’s no 1 mobile phones by analyzing and evaluating top mobile companies in the world.

So see the latest top mobile brands in the world and see which the no 1 mobile phone in the world is?

Top Ten smartphones in the world

1) Samsung

world no 1 mobile phoneSamsung is being considered the world’s no.1 mobile phone company. In the Android Smartphone world, it has been revolutionized with new series and features every day. According to Samsung Electronics subsidiary, the brand ships more than 300 million units annually which results in about 30% of the total mobile phone sales in the world.

Though the Smartphone world has a different considerable number of analog phones it’s Galaxy series has become the signature figure for the day today. Samsung Electronics has become the world’s no 1 Smartphone brand because of its absolute dominance and wide portfolio in the market zone and of shipping to more than 100 countries worldwide.

2) Apple

Top Ten Mobile Brands in world It is the most popular and recognized Smartphone brand in the world. It is well known because of its strong presence elegant features and very durable features. Apple Smartphone has revolutionized the world in 2007 by launching its signature product i.e. the iPhone has become the very first need for every elite society person. To have iPhone shows very classy and has a great influence on society. The iPhone was launched first in 2007 by Steve Jobs who is the co-founder of this brand. Apple has opened more than 100 megastores in 15 countries of the world and annually it sells more than 200 million units. Apple is the second-highest Smartphone brand in the world.

3) Huawei

best mobile phone to buyThe top mobile phone company of china is emerging in the market zone with its Huawei brand and is so popular in Asian countries as well as in the world because of its different types of products like smartphones, tablets, PCs, and other telecom devices. It sells about 100 million units per annual and is whooping because of its more than 75000 employees in the world for its research and development. It is increasing its worth day by day and also has become the leading Smartphone Company in the world.

4) Lenovo

top mobile companiesLenovo is a subsidiary of Motorola that has also got its name on board in Top Smartphone Brands in the world with its more than 70,000 units sales annually and it has a great presence with Android phones and laptops that provides a great justification to buy this brand. Though it is not the World No 1 Smartphone when people search for mobile phones to buy on Google it also gives us a vivid reflection because of its unique features.

5) Xiaomi

Top Ten mobile companies in the world It is one of the newest mobile companies established in 2010 and has penetrated the global industry with a bag, It sells about 65 million units annually and is very popular in China, India, Brazil, Singapore, Thailand, and  Turkey. It is one of the Top Ten mobile phones in the world with its significant price and new development features. This company comprises more than 8000 workers and is considered one of the best mobile phones in the world.

6) LG

best android phoneLG is a well-known brand name that has set up the industry with its most desirable products including household appliances, smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and different other electronic devices. Its most popular mobile phone brands include the G-Series, the K-Series, LG Tribute, the LG G Flex, and the LG Nexus. LG sells about 60 million units a year.

7) ZTE

ZTE mobile brandIt is one of the  top mobile brands in world has named in Top Ten mobile companies  in the world and third Chinese mobile phone company. It works a lot on different telecom services, tablets and smartphones.  The company has got very rich portfolio with its few mid segment classes. ZTE targets 55 million units every year and has earned his name with a few, premium high-end devices.

8) Oppo

mobile phone touch screenOppo brand of China was established in 2001 and has emerged as a formidable force in the electronics and tech organization zone. It was not in the Smartphone world till 2008 and had only focused on MP3 player production before.

Now Oppo Smartphone is one of the leading mobile brands in the world and known as selfie phone with the company’s slogan “The Art of Technology”,  has able to reach its customers in more than 20 countries in Asia as well as around the world. It has become a popular figure in Pakistan, China, and India. Others are in the USA, the Middle East countries, Europe, and even as far as Australia.

Oppo sells about 50 million units annually and its popular Smartphone offerings include OPPO R7, Joy, Mirror, F1, and OPPO Neo. Recently, Oppo has stepped up its advertising and has brought many different SKUs in the market. As a result, oppo is supposed to be a much stronger player in 2018 and is one of the top ten Smartphone brands in 2018.

9) Alcatel

Best smartphone in worldThis is one of the top mobile brands in the world and has a wide range of customization and a global massive reach. Alcatel has reached more than 170 countries with its presence and marketing. Alcatel’s focus on technological innovation, therefore, has developed such a big shipment that covers 50 million units a year.

The famous Smartphone series for Alcatel are found within the Pixi, Idol, and Pop ranges. The company has great customized solutions and CSR activities in its Smartphone Technology that provides environmental protection with a wide customer base and an integral role in making its products.

10) Vivo

Top mobile phone companies This is one of the top ten mobile brands in the world and comes on the list of best mobile phones to buy. If you look around the internet and search mobile phone touch screens on different websites you can get it easily around the world. The company has earned its name in different products like smartphones, peripheral mobile devices, and in software innovations.

A subsidiary of BBK Electronics, Vivo sells about 45 million units annually. Its common brands are found within three main series: the X series-premium-priced phones, the Y series- low-end smartphones, and the V series- the middle-priced category. Vivo has caught the world in 2015 by releasing its slimmest Smartphone in the world and still never looked back after that.

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