What’s in Fashion for Business Women: Follow the Great Valerie Leveziel D Arc

What's in Fashion for Business Women: Follow the Great Valerie Leveziel D Arc

Valerie Leveziel D Arc, Director of the Media Agency Festin Conseil: She is one of those ladies, who is known for her elegant dressing in all over the world along with her business attitude. She is a working lady and knows exactly what she needs to wear every time whenever she joins any business meeting or held any business conference. It’s all about following fashion in the business industry. She is a graduate in business administration with math communication subjects.

Her style at work: casual chic: “For me, the main thing is to be comfortable in all circumstances. Whether for a meeting with Alain Ducasse at the Plaza Athenee or an appointment at the Paris City Hall, my outfit must be timeless and everything goes with everything. “

Her essential: the cashmere sweaters and pieces exclusively in shades of white, red, gray, and black. “The white, perhaps to pay tribute to the leaders with whom I collaborate, but also because the events that I head, my teams can easily spot me, just like in red. On her feet, she wears winter boots and wedge sandals in the summer for their practicality. “But I also always have a pair of sneakers, tights, and heels in my car, if my feet hurt; I spun my tights, but especially in case of an improvised cocktail.”

The centerpieces of her wardrobe: Maje leather slim trousers, an off-white Ba & sh dress that she loves to wear in summer and winter, as well as a collection of checked shirts from all over the world. Allows working days without important meetings

Her favorite designers: “Joseph, for their impeccable pants, Ba & sh for their not-so-fashionable pieces in beautiful materials (and that I can put back from one year to the next), but also All Saints for their timeless urban chic clothes, just like IRO

Her favorite accessories: a solitaire diamond necklace, ethnic necklaces brought back from trips to Mexico and Brazil, “They add a festive note in a timeless outfit, like my bags Candy Bag Furla I own in yellow and powder pink. “Questions shoes, the boots bridle leather at Freelance have a preference, like his boots Maje or his pair of orange sandals Celine heels always rows in her car and she draws depending on the occasion.

Her favorite shop:“I often go shopping between appointments and as I know I would always find something I like at Ba & sh or IRO, I go to the shops I know and come back 15 minutes later. Effective and I am never disappointed. ”

As a business lady, you need to follow such business icons, how she wears in business meetings, and keep herself updated with the fashion. Nowadays fashion has become a part of our lives and we can’t live without fashion.

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